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Setting the Bar

It starts with the welcoming personalities & exceptional service of our bartenders at your celebration. ECS genuinely enjoys the uniqueness of all our clients & their guests and it shows from the time you click the button below and find an array of options to choose from, to the last guest served at your event. 


  • Full Bar (4Hrs) $18.95/Guest
  • Beer & Wine Only ($16.95/Guest)
  • Ticket + Cash Bar Option ($545 flat rate + cost of Guest Drink Tickets)
  • Cash Bar (Full Premium Bar w/Set up $595. flat rate)
  • BYOB, Just the Bartender ($230. flat rate)
  • Proudly serving Krazy Kombucha's (Probiotic Tea $12. per guest)

Our Bartenders Are Servers:

  • Dedicated to Your Service
  • Industry Knowledgeable
  • Required to possess certification and minimum of three years industry experience
  • Have engaging personalities
  • Exhibit the highest level of customer service at all times

Service Options: 

  • You Provide the Alcohol, We Provide the Bartenders
  • Kombucha
  • Bottle Service
  • Host Bars
  • Open Bars
  • Cash Bars
  • Consumption Based Bars
  • Create Your Own Signature Drink!
  • Special Stations
  • Seasonal Entrance Drink Stations
  • Non Alcoholic Bar

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A Few Reasons to Choose Us

  1. Licensed & Insured
  2. Kombucha
  3. Higher standard of Service
  4. Upgrade & Add-On Options
  5. Customizable & Flexible
  6. Include all the extras
  7. Maximum efficiency with the greatest care
  8. Bartenders arrive early & clean up
  9. No Minimum hour requirements

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A Healthier Beverage to Add to the Party

Kombucha is a Live Probiotic Tea. Drink regularly, it can build a healthy gut. Made with organic cultures of bacteria and yeast, called a SCOBY, a blend of organic Oolong, China Black, Gunpowder Green and White Peony Teas & organic Cane Sugar. 

Add Kombucha to the Bar!

Your guests will thank you for thinking of their health too.



Made with Fresh Organic Ginger & Organic Apple Juice


Made with 100% Juice smoothie blend.


Made with 100% juice smoothie blend.

Organic Strawberry

Made with local Fresh picked Strawberries